The attack involving two dogs happened Friday afternoon.

It was a terrifying moment for dog owners at Quinn's Pond in Boise on Friday. According to the Idaho Statesman, Miss Kitty, a five-year-old Yorkshire Terrier (who was on a leash) was attacked by another, larger off-leash dog.

A witness, Amiya Almaraz, said: “He was just running around with her in his mouth, and it was just like blood on the floor.”

Miss Kitty was taken to an emergency vet, but it was too late.

Off-leash dogs are not permitted at Quinn’s Pond, nor are they allowed off-leash in the majority of neighboring Esther Simplot Park after March 31.

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I can't express how much this breaks my heart. I take my dog, Gracie to that park ALL the time, and I can't even imagine her getting attacked by another dog. Just, heartbreaking.

According to the Statesman, the owners of the off-leash dog were cited for 'dog at large and having a nuisance dog.'

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