Ben & Jerry's for when your pup is having a ruff day... I couldn't wait to spill that corny pun joke on you. I would have put it in the title if it fit. Anyhoo. Ben & Jerry's is sharing their delicious wealth of knowledge and inspiration to a whole new market. Pets. Pretty smart too since people love to spoil their furry pals.

I have had my dog Ani for over 10 years now, she will be 11 in August. She has helped me through some hard times and have always loved and protected my son Titus and I. While she is loved and spoiled, I have neglected her teeth and I knew she needed a cleaning. I took her into Northwest Animal Hospital today and got her all caught up on vaccines and teeth cleaning and she did great. Everyone was fantastic and I knew she was in good hands while I went to work. She was certainly happy to see me and sweet as ever when I picked her up. I gave her a few treats when we got back home, mostly of the soft more chewable variety in case her gums or teeth were sore at all. Now after seeing this, I wish I had something super special like this. Licking cold doggie ice cream would have been a real treat to her after a procedure like that.

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I hate to admit she is a senior dog now because I want her to live forever. She has always been super loved and spoiled a good amount. The older she gets the more I want to spoil her with stuff like this though. So thank you Ben & Jerry's for thinking of the pups too and how they deserve the goodness you create that we enjoy from time to time.


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