If someone is convicted of misdemeanor domestic abuse against a partner, should they be allowed to keep their guns? The Idaho House has voted 'Yes'. According to the Idaho Statesman, they voted against  "legislation to mirror federal law by barring those convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence against an intimate partner from possessing guns for two years."

Despite those in support of the legislation debating their stance, representatives voted 39-31, rejecting the possibility of enacting a state law that would allow law enforcement officers to enforce the ban. According to the Idaho Statesman, Representativ Melissa Wintrow (D-Boise), proposed the bill after hearing the story of two women whose father murdered their mother after "been charged with felony domestic violence but pleaded it down to a misdemeanor."

Wintrow also told the House, "People who beat their wives and girlfriends and threaten them with dangerous weapons shouldn’t have them.” Some totally opposed the idea. According to the Statesman Rep. Bryan Zollinger (R-Idaho Falls), said “Statistics show if people want to have access to a gun, they will. … There’s no way for us to enforce this.” While the Idaho Freedom Foundation's president, Wayne Hoffman (in a column earlier this week), warned “The gun grabbers are coming!”

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