I was thrown off by the thread headline "Buying a goose?" and I was all in. I had no idea that this was even a thing, but I'm totally on board to try.

Would you be willing to have a goose for Christmas?

"Odd question for you all. Looking to buy a goose for Christmas dinner. Does anyone know if there's any place that sells frozen/fresh domestic geese for consumption? Willing to go anywhere in Boise/Meridian/Nampa area!" this a question that Kriddel posted on Reddit.

The best part of this entire conversation is the term that I will now use on a consistent basis, someone referred to geese as "Cobra Chickens" and I absolutely love it. Cobra chickens are an actual nickname for geese and they have memes to prove it.

As I continue to look into purchasing a goose I've discovered this is an actual thing for Christmas and I will be doing my best to talk my wife into allowing me to smoke a goose on my Traeger for Christmas. I even found a recipe on the Traeger website.

Okay, back to the Reddit post the comments only got better as I continued to read.

Doggy-style-69's comment "Take your sword to the Park" gained a lot of attention and wasn't the only one who reference going to the park.

attachment-Goose Comment

fifthgenerationfool said "seriously, take your sword to the park. But go armored, those geese do no F*** around."

attachment-Goose Comment Park

Reddit users did have some help though and shared that you can purchase a goose locally at Albertson's but it's going to cost you! They have frozen geese online for $95.88 each. It's a 12 LB goose for $7.99/LB

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