The city of trees has been getting national attention over the last couple of years as one of the best cities and places to move to. We are certainly feeling it to with more and more people especially from neighboring states coming after fully understanding all that the beautiful state and city has to offer. If you grew up here these may not surprise you, but if you are new-ish, here are some things your should know, inspired by Onlyinyourstate. 

Boise metro area counts for close to one third of Idaho's total population. While we like to feel like we are out in the middle of nowhere truth be told, it's a city. While not the mecca of some other giant cities in the US, for us here it seems big... too big.

We LOVE the Outdoors and take our recreation and parts seriously. We have over 60 parks in the Boise metro alone and they are used, often.

GO BRONCOS - If you don't love Boise State football, you may have a hard time here. We love our broncos. I feel lucky because the stadium is so close to the WOW Country studios, we can walk. The Albertsons stadium is also a big deal with the all blue turf. No other school has that. We're kind of a big deal.

Hope you don't mind Geese. They love our parks and water areas as much as we do. Be respectful and they will be respectful back. For goodness sake dont feed them or they will stock you and keep an eye on where you are walking, goose poo is no fun.

Hope you love Beer - Our craft beer scene is on point here. Lots of amazing local breweries doing their thing to make us proud, and tipsy.

Boise is environmentally focused - you can find 'green sharing' bikes downtown. Downtown Boise also utilizes geothermal energy and more to help the city be more sustainable.

The Boise River Greenbelt is the best thing ever... like ever - 25 miles of nature and beauty? Oh yea, we have it and it stretches right through downtown. I walk it as often as possible. The zoo is right off the path along with tons of gorgeous parks and it goes right along the Boise River for great parks, wildlife and beautiful views.


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