You either love'em or hate'em - okay, let's be real, you probably hate them: the geese of Boise.

Can't we all just... get along?

We don't necessarily "hate" wildlife but even you have to admit that mother nature has a lot of little nuisances roaming around our planet. Now, unless you're from the Treasure Valley, there's a good chance that you never imagined that this nuisance would come in the form of a feathered being such as a goose.

Sure, they're cute and you probably don't want to run over a mama goose escorting her babies across the road... but when they terrorize your neighborhood? When they poo all over your property?

That could be enough for you to start despising these creatures.

9 Unpopular Opinions About The Geese of Boise

The people of Boise are fed up with a Treasure Valley staple: the geese. Here are some of their hilarious takes on these feathered demons according to Reddit.

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Have you ever come across a field of geese? It might be tempting to run through that field expecting them to fly off but what if they don't?

What if those geese decide to rampage and come after you? It likely wouldn't be a fatal encounter but that doesn't mean Idaho doesn't provide plenty of chances for you to have a deadly animal encounter.

As a matter of fact, we wouldn't say that Idaho is neither safe or dangerous when it comes to animal attacks... here's where we rank against our neighboring states.

Is Idaho One of The Safest States From Animal Attacks?

According to a report from, Idaho might not be the safest state in America when it comes to fatal animal attacks but it certainly isn't the worst...

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If you want to increase your chances of avoiding an animal attack, here's a tip: don't milk it.

That's right - don't milk something you shouldn't be. Believe it or not, we actually created a guide for you on this too... animals you can milk and a handful of animals that you probably shouldn't...

3 Idaho Animals You Can Milk and 13 Animals That You Shouldn't

Let's take a look at the three animals Idaho law says you can milk and thirteen animals that you should never milk...

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