The free parking actually started on November 27th and wasn't publicized but many Treasure Valley residents got a nice gift although not by choice of the owners of the parking garages.

Some people thought it was a gift and the kindness of the Parking Garage owner.... but no it was a computer malfunction that left them unable to charge some folks for parking, well thousands of people. It was 7 parking garages partially owned by Capital City Development Corp. It was such a busy last few weeks downtown, multiple Steelheads games, Christmas celebrations and more.

Downtown business caught on to the freebies and thought they would share it with their customers but of course for overcrowding reasons they were asked not to but word spread on it's own.

According to the Idaho Statesman "The problem will cost the agency an estimated $75,000 in revenue plus $45,000 or more in expenses." which comes from "Max Clark, CCDC’s director of parking and facilities". 

Well it's over now but for a short time it was awesome for some, especially those paying daily for parking downtown.


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