If you were walking to the St. Luke's Fitone Race start line on Saturday, did you happen to see people dangling on the side of the U.S. Bank Building in downtown Boise? At first, I thought they were maybe on the job cleaning their windows, but then I realized they didn't have any tools in their hands, and there were a ton of people down below cheering them on.

So what exactly was going on? It's actually an annual event called 'Over the Edge' and it benefits Habitat for Humanity that, according to KTVB, is aimed "at building affordable homes for local families." This year, 73 people raised at least $1000 for the chance to "rappel down the 20-story, 270-foot tall building." All in all, event officials say they raised more than last year's total of $50,000!

Would you go 'over the edge'? Well, hopefully, they'll return for another year to find out!

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