World renowned Dr. Oz stopped by The Bobby Bones Show from his studio to share the latest on the coronavirus vaccines and tests, the realities of diet soda, and his show.

Dr. Oz shared that while he's currently filming his show in studio, he has his home studio still ready to go in case the pandemic takes another turn. His show is on in over 100 countries where he shares his knowledge on all kinds of medical situations, and he uses facts to debunk things put out on the Internet. His objective for their latest season is working on and talking about health disparities. He wants to find a way to make healthcare work effectively and efficiently for everyone.

Over the summer, Dr. Oz did the Great Mask Experiment on his show. During this segment he put a pulse identifier on his finger and showed that wearing masks doesn't impact your oxygen intake. He debunked that theory as it was being put out by anti-maskers all over social media. He also added that neck gaiters some are wearing in lieu of masks is actually worse for you than not wearing a mask. The gaiters take the little bits of spit that come out with you speak and aerosolizes them, dispersing a possible virus out to more people.

As for the coronavirus tests, Dr. Oz says the nasal test done correctly is the best test, however the spit tests are more practical in terms of getting tests done more often. He says the spits tests are effective when it comes to testing people more frequently, and this is necessary due to asymptotic individuals. By being able to test more frequently, asymptotic individuals can be identified more often, thus stopping potential spreading. Dr. Oz has also had several people from the Office of the Surgeon General on with him to provide their expert opinions on a coronavirus vaccine. They shared that by the end of October or in November, we will have an idea of how the vaccines are working on all of those that were test subjects.

When Bobby Bones asked if Eddie's, our resident person on the show who had coronavirus, antibodies will protect him from contracting coronavirus again, Dr. Oz says he's not sure. He said that while it's unlikely he will have it again, not only do to the antibodies but because of his key cells protecting him, there have been at least 3 cases of people contracting the virus for a second time. So as of now, there isn't a guarantee. He also shared some research from Germany and Sweden, who believe that up to 1/3 of their populations are already protected because they had common colds last year. This is because the common cold virus is closely linked to strains of coronavirus.

Totally off the topic, Bones wanted to know from Dr. Oz on the controversial subject of diet soda. Dr. Oz shared that diet soda isn't actually better for you. He says that people who drink diet soda don't actually lose weight, instead they develop chronic inflammatory infections. He continued by adding that you can't actually trick your brain with fake sugar. So instead of helping by drinking diet soda, your brain knows it's not real sugar and craves real sugar and more of it than usual. Dr. Oz concluded his knowledge by adding that having a few calories in your drink isn't the reason you're overweight, there's more than likely a lot of other reasons. He suggests drinking real soda, but cut it in half and add seltzer water because it tastes the same and it's less calories.

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