Yeah you read that right, UNICORN FARTS! Move over, Starbucks, the new unicorn craze is here, and -in my opinion- it's even better than that pretty frappucino. How could it be better you ask? Unicorn Farts is actually a beer!!! Yeah, buddy, Barbarian Brewing is introducing their new "juicy IPA" at an event on Saturday that celebrates their 1000th day in business.

According to Boise Weekly, the locally-owned brewery with locations in Garden City and Downtown Boise decided to celebrate their big milestone in a big way. Thought the name was the only cool part? Nope, the citrus, fruit-flavored cold one is actually brewed with edible glitter (shut up and take my money) AND has a super awesome deep, purple/blue color to it, thanks to a natural food-dye imported from Thailand. 

You'll be able to drink Unicorn Farts (that's just fun to say) this Saturday at their release party. They'll even have some fun t-shirts that don a unicorn farting a rainbow....duh. I don't know about you, but Starbucks has nothin' on this. Will you be trying it?

WHAT: Barbarian Brewing Unicorn Farts Release Party

WHEN: Sat., June 30, 2-10 p.m. FREE

WHERE: Barbarian Brewing (Garden City location) - 5270 E. Chinden Blvd.


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