That awful crash that took place on Cherry Lane in Meridian, Idaho last month has some new information that's been released by the Idaho Transportation Department.  Tests have come back confirming that 61-year-old Brian Walter was positive for marijuana.  To what extent or how much Walter had in his system is not known at this time.

Walter was driving on the wrong side of the road on Cherry Lane and slammed into a truck with four people in it.  Walter died, three of the four people in the truck died, and the only person left alive (27-year-old Anthony Fernandez) is still recovering at A Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center and is currently listed in fair condition.


  • 48-year-old David Humberto Fernandez Sr
  • 24-year-old Tre Fernandez
  • 22-year-old David Aaron Taylor Fernandez Jr
  • 61-year-old Brian Walter

KTVB reported that the weather has been completely ruled out as playing any part in this collision.  Road conditions were good, it was still light out, and there is no evidence to suggest that weather played any type of role.

It is worth noting that some alcohol also may have played a role.  Here's a quote from KTVB...

Fernandez Sr.'s alcohol levels were also listed as a contributing factor: He tested at .061, high enough to indicate he had consumed alcohol before the crash, but below Idaho's legal driving limit of .08.

This crash was so bad and the loss so great for this family and the entire community it's hard to think that marijuana or alcohol was possibly a factor in this accident.  Two families destroyed and for what?  All because someone decided to get behind the wheel after getting high.  Or someone getting behind the wheel after a drink or two.  My personal opinion on marijuana is that I could care less if its legal or not.  I don't use it.  Some use it medicinally and some recreationally... I don't mind either.  That's fine.  Just don't get behind the wheel.  I feel the exact same way about alcohol.

If you'd like to donate to the Fernandez family GoFundMe Page, please do.  They're paying for three funerals and big medical bills to help keep 27-year-old Anthony Fernandez alive.  God bless this family.  We're all thinking of you.

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