This is one of those situations you dread as a parent. East Junior High in Boise has been placed on lockdown this morning. Here's why. 

The reason for the lockdown is a "domestic issue" going on inside the school according to KTVB.

About 7:55 this morning dispatchers were called to the school, where they remain on the scene.

Very little details have been released about the "domestic issue." The only specifics we know is that it involves a member of the staff, not a student, and that luckily all students and staff are safe.

We'll keep you posted as the details of this incident unfold. As for now, parents of students have been contacted, they have confirmed everyone is safe, so all of that is good news.

We can breathe a little and hopefully, authorities were able to intervene before something tragic occurred.

This can be a parent's worse nightmare, but so far it seems like everything is going to be ok.