Why did 50% of the students stay home from East Valley Middle School in Nampa, Idaho on Friday and why, on a day where there was an important test that the school says they'll allow students who missed to make up next week?  I'm not sure if the testing had anything to do with it but an anonymous threat made on Instagram had the Nampa Police Department, school officials, parents, and students all on high alert.

KIVI TV reports on the serious nature of any threat especially when young children are involved.  The Nampa Police Department will not say what, exactly the threat was or even the nature of the threat.  They're also keeping the identity of the alleged suspect confidential.  Yes, they do have someone being investigated and that someone is a student at East Valley Middle School.  That person's parents have been notified, school officials have been notified and now authorities are moving forward with what type of consequences are needed.

East Valley Middle School was required to contact parents on Thursday evening giving them as many details as possible and allowing students to stay home with the permission of their parents if they chose.  Normally there's about 100 kids that stay home on a Friday but yesterday saw more than 500 kids stay home out of a total of 1,000 kids.

School went on as normal when Friday hit and things are expected to be as normal as possible when school starts again on Monday.

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