In today's news that you never knew you needed: Idaho was once home to one of nature's fiercest killers... one that is more terrifying than the shark, the lion, heck, even Idaho's grizzly bear.

Before humans walked the earth...

..there were dinosaurs and believe it or not, Idaho was home to four different types of dinosaurs. One of which, is the "king" of them all...

If We Lived in Idaho 100 Million Years Ago, We'd All Be Dead

What was really roaming the state of Idaho 100 million years ago and why would we be doomed?

That's right, a species closely related to the T-Rex could have very well been roaming parts of Eastern Idaho before humans walked the earth.

Interestingly enough, the largest species of dinosaur related to the T-Rex (or "theropod" if we want to be fancy) found in Idaho, would have been about the size of a horse according to Montana State University.

While that might sound comical, would you really want a dinosaur the size of a horse chasing you at the speed of a golf cart? This is a creature that was born, designed, and lived to hunt.

Sorry, too many Jurassic Park movies.

That being said, the smallest would have been about the size of a retriever according to MSU.

Sure, it's not the massive T-Rex that we see in the Jurassic Park movies but STILL - go ahead and add the "King of Dinosaurs" to the list of amazing things that have come out of Idaho.

Hey, speaking of dinosaurs - what if they still lived in Idaho? We came across stunning images that show what appears to be a pterodactyl flying over Boise.

No kidding, take a look...

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