You'll most likely work up an appetite taking it down, so this is perfect.

If it hasn't happened already, I'm willing to bet that the Christmas tree is coming down this weekend. I've got quite a few neighbors who still have their lights up on their house and a few with their trees still displayed in the window. I won't lie, I don't hate it. You do you, people. However, I think that will change after this weekend.

If you've still got your live tree, you may want to eat it.

No, that's not an insult nor a colorful way to say it should have already come down. It's actually a thing. You could dispose of your live tree in so many ways, but according to this cookbook, you might as well get some nutrition out of it.

The cookbook is called "How to Eat Your Christmas Tree" and it's put together by a UK-based cook and baker named Julia Georgallis. After seeing countless trees just discarded on curbs and streets, Julia decided to do something about it. In an effort to promote resourcefulness and prevent food waste, How to Eat Your Christmas Tree has recipes for all sorts of trees like pine, fir and spruce, which are all popular live tree options.

Recipes include Christmas-cured fish, Christmas tree pickles, and Christmas tree & ginger ice cream. I'll admit, these don't sound terrible. After all, I love the smell of my Christmas tree, so why can't it be used in the same sense as a herb? It might be a lot like eating rosemary or thyme.

What do you think, would you try it?

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