I came from a fairly large family. Mom, Dad and 4 sisters. 5 kids and my parents while hard workers didn't make a lot especially considering there were 5 kids so I have been a bargain shopper from my early days, from second hand to Dollar Stores I know a good deal when I see one. Dollar stores are great but some deals are better than others. Here in the Treasure Valley there are a good amount of value stores, here are some items that are worth the stop.

Dishware - My seven year old Titus was helping me with dishes a couple of weeks ago and accidently dropped a plate and it broke. No one got hurt but he was embarrassed and ran to his room crying not matter how much I tried to tell him it was all ok and no big deal. The next day I took him to the Dollar store and let him pick out 3 new plates. He was thrilled, felt better and this mama was happy getting out of the store in under a few bucks.

Cards - Birthdays, Holidays, Celebrations, Thank Yous... No matter the occasion, there is usually a pretty good selection to choose from. I stock up.

Seasonal / Decorations - I divorced a few years ago and hardly took any holiday decorations at all. Since that, the Dollar Tree has been my go to before Valentines, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. While some stuff may not be worth keeping year after year, there is a surprising amount that will last over time.

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Reading Glasses - I don't need these yet but my mom has like 45 spare pairs of reading glasses, 90% of them she got at the Dollar Tree, and she still gets more every time. So maybe you don't need to stock up THAT much but it is a great place for them. I have gotten a pair or 2 of sunglasses, not the best but will certainly work especially if you find yourself without another option while you are out and about.

Pregnancy Tests - They are $10 to $15 at a regular store but only a buck here, they do expire though so be aware.

Mugs and Glassware - This isn't too far from the dinnerware but seriously they have some fun stuff. Cute mugs that would even be great gifts and if a few break... oh well.

Picture frames - This is a tried and true that I have used over the years. For gifts, for certificates, for home, for office. They may not be super fancy but if you need simple and clean - This is the place to go.

Travel Size - They have the best little containers so you can make your own travel size packs from your own daily stuff. Or you can buy from their variety of travel size items for much cheaper than your usual stores.

Coffee Filters - I need my coffee everyday. While making it at home is much cheaper than buying it, you can save even more by getting filters at the Dollar store. They also have sugar and creamer, although it is the powdered kind. I personally am not a fan of the powdered kind but if you are, there is more savings here for you.

Socks - I don't know if they truly get lost or if my washer or dryer eats them but I seem to always need socks, especially for my little one who wont stop growing. While we have some great winter socks from elsewhere, I have been buying Titus socks at the dollar tree since he was 2.

Cleaning items - My go to for bathroom, kitchen and floor cleaners, buckets, brushes and sponges. Some work better than others but you cant beat the price.

There are lots of other hidden gems in there like certain toys, food items, educational things, kitchen tools, hair accessories and more that I have been happy about. Happy bargain hunting.




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