As I was making my daily drive into downtown Boise on 84 today I noticed how white the mountains all of the sudden got. I even pointed it out to Titus in the back seat, "Look how much snow the mountains got buddy!" With all of the craziness yesterday I didn't pay much attention to the weather so it was a fun and beautiful surprise. If you enjoy hitting the slopes for skiing, snowboarding or any other snow bound activity you are in luck because it is fresh and calling your name.

According to Idaho News Channel 2, A storm system that was heading out brought a good amount rain and snow before leaving the valley. We get a little wet here in Boise, Meridian and surrounding but up in higher elevations, wonderful, fluffy, fresh snow. It seems the West Central Mountains had up 2-3 inches of new snow, while the Boise Mountains got 6-7 inches of new snowfall overnight.

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We may see some more on Friday although most likely not as heavy of a rain and or snow fall as last night. This system is expected to bring and additional 1-4 inches of snow for the mountain areas around the Treasure Valley. Here in town we will see some rain but nothing crazy and temps are expected to stay in town above freezing. This means all good news, new fresh powder in the mountains to play yet no dangerous driving conditions or icy roads here in the valley. Compared to the snowmageddon of 2017 that I keep hearing about, so far this year has been fairly mild weather wise. We will see if that continues to be the case as we keep moving through winter.

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