Morgan Wallen's much-anticipated double album Dangerous dropped today. To celebrate the release, he stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to perform some of the songs on the album, talk about the Walmart leak, and share some stories behind some of the new songs.

There's been a lot of excitement around Wallen's double album. So much so that Walmart accidentally leaked his album days ahead of the official release. Ironically though, Wallen confessed that he thought about doing something like a leak on purpose, but obviously this situation wasn't on purpose. Also in talking about the new album, Wallen shared that he wrote around 100 songs over the course of about 2.5 years for this album. And right when quarantine started, he wrote 6 songs that he felt were worth recording for the album. His decision to do a double album instead of just putting out a normal record had to do with his fans and the pandemic. He feels that people want more music right now, even more than usual. Wallen confessed that a lot of his songs come from his personal experience whether it happened to him or he heard it during conversations with friends.

Wallen's song "More Than My Hometown" was written with fellow artist Hardy, who grew up in a similar hometown to Wallen. He grew up in Tennessee, spending a lot of time growing up in Sneedville and Knoxville. Sneedville actually wants to put up a "Hometown of Morgan Wallen" sign, but they're concerned about someone stealing it. He confessed that since putting his hometown sign as the cover for the single "More Than My Hometown," people have stolen just the city sign.

"Sand In My Boots" is one of Wallen's favorite songs on the album. But another one close to his heart is the song written by Eric Church, Luke Laird, and Josh Thompson called "Quittin' Time." Laird was out on the road and heard Wallen mention Church during one of his performances. So after the show, he played some of the songs he had written with Church. That's when Wallen heard "Quittin' Time" for the first time and immediately wanted to record it for his album. Also on the record, Wallen's mix of "Heartless." The song features more standard instruments rather than the more pop original version with Diplo. And already released, fan favorite "Somebody's Problem" barely made the record. Wallen confessed that he already recorded 31 songs and "Somebody's Problem" was the very last one he recorded. But he ended up loving the song, and shared that it seemed unique compared to the rest so he wanted to add it.

Fans can expect all the love songs on Side 1 of his album, and shared that they do all play from his past experiences. But he has nothing happening in his love life currently. As for the thoughts he has had over his career, Wallen shared that he never really had doubts about his career becoming successful. He never lets bad thoughts come into his mind when it comes to his career and it's worked out well for him so far.

While Morgan Wallen was on the show, he performed three of the already released songs from the album "More Than My Hometown," "Somebody's Problem," and "7 Summers."

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