Eddie and his wife have four children in their home, with their oldest being 12-years-old. He has said for years that he would never let any of his kids have a phone, especially an iPhone, until they were 18-years-old.

Well that all changed over this past Christmas. During the holiday, Eddie and his wife decided that they were going to allow their 12-year-old son to have an iPhone with plenty of parental guidance. They gifted him the phone on Christmas and set some rules in place. He's only allowed to text certain friends and has to have permission to add new friends in the phone. He also can't have social media and has to get permission to use other apps when necessary. Eddie said that he does have Disney+ on there so he is allowed to watch content through that app. While his son isn't thrilled about all of the rules, he's happy he just got the chance to have a phone.

Eddie confessed that they're really putting their trust in their son with this new responsibility and it's hard on him, but necessary.

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