After yesterday's show (September 23), Eddie walked out to his car at work and saw something really odd.

Eddie saw a purse draped over the dumpster right next to our work. He took to his Instagram stories to share as he spotted the pursue, decided what he should do, and when he started to go through it. When he opened up the purse, there was nothing in it. But close by he spotted a bunch of cards that looked like they were originally in the purse.

Thankfully from Eddie's Instagram stories, the woman who the purse belonged to was sent Eddie's stories from friends. She knew it was her purse so she hit up Eddie in his direct messages to let him know it was her pursue and she'd like to come get it.

So during the show today (September 24), we called her to find out what happened. Turns out, her car got broken into while she was parked at her work down the street from the studios. The break in happened over the weekend, so her purse was at our dumpster for a few days before Eddie spotted it. Thankfully her social security card was still in with all of the cards Eddie found, so she was able to get her pursue and her social security card back.

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