Eddie and his wife have been foster parents for over a year now and their two foster children have fit right into their family along with their two children.

Since things have been going so smoothly, Eddie decided to look for a tricycle for he and his wife's foster baby. He called a bicycle store in Nashville and asked if they had any available. The store only had one more available in the color pink. Immediately, Eddie asked if they had any other colors, but the store employee reiterated that it was their last one. He said thank you, but never mind. He didn't want to purchase a pink tricycle for their foster child that's a boy, despite the fact the young boy wouldn't know any different.

However, when Eddie told the store employee why he didn't want the tricycle, she shamed him. She asked him why it really mattered and that he should just purchase the tricycle anyway. Quite the bold move for a store employee to parent shame someone over the phone.

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