Each morning The Bobby Bones Show reads a question or advice ask from a listener in Bobby's Mailbag. During the mailbag this morning, listener Kendall shared that she is 16 weeks pregnant and already thinking about the time when her baby comes. She's not sure if she wants to post pictures of her baby on social media and asked for the parents on the show to give their perspectives.

Amy shared that she has gone both ways. When her kids were in Haiti, she posted about them all the time. However, when they were officially her kids and home in Nashville, she would tell them she was taking videos and photos of them and let them decide what she could post. At that moment, both of them were ok with it, her son was a "ham" about being all over things, and her daughter was more shy. However, since then her kids have switched positions on the matter. Her son doesn't want to be posted at all, and her daughter is more open with videos and photos. She said it's important for them to be able to make that decision for themselves when they're old enough.

Eddie and Lunchbox had similar perspectives for different reasons. Eddie said that his kids have to be 18-years-old before they can decide if they want to be all over the Internet. But as of right now, it's his job as a parent to protect his kids and he's protecting them from the Internet. He insists it will be 18-years-old for all of his kids to be able to show photos on social media, however the show pointed out he said something similar about having a phone altogether and currently his 13-year-old has a phone. Lunchbox doesn't put his kids on social media because of the "stranger danger" factor. Being in the public eye with this job, he doesn't want listeners to be able to recognize them and go up to them.

Bobby doesn't have kids yet, though he has been sharing that he and his fiancé Caitlin both want that. He admitted that he doesn't know what they plan to do with their kids and social media. If it was just up to him, he wouldn't care. He added that he will be out in public often and it will be hard to keep his kids out of the public eye. Ultimately, he and Caitlin will make that decision together when the time comes

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