Valentine's Day weekend is officially here and The Bobby Bones Show couldn't leave the week without some fun romance on the show. Bobby Bones challenged the guys on the show to write love poems about their wives.

Today (February 12) EddieLunchbox, and Raymundo all shared their variations of love poems and they were judged to see who came in first, second, and third. Ultimately, Lunchbox came in first with his hilarious, yet NSFW words. Raymundo came in second with his true story about his love story with bae, and Eddie came in third because he couldn't stop saying the words "I love you" to his wife.

Eddie's Poem:

I love you / I love you / I love your eyes so blue / I love your blonde hair / I can’t wait to grow old with you and talk in a rocking chair

We’ll talk about this crazy life we’re livin’ / four kids always runnin', yellin', never Chillin’ / But today is just about us two

and how much I love you / I’ll make you dinner, drink some wine / I’ll ask you if You’ll Be Mine / and when the kids ask us to play / we’ll say….shhhhh. It’s Valentines’ Day

Lunchbox's Poem:

How did I end up with such a cutie / Girl I can't stop staring at that BOOTY.

Our first kiss was playing darts / Now you get a lifetime of my farts

You’re the bat to my ball / remember when we did it in the bathroom stall?

I like the way you shimmy and shake / I love how we make the neighborhood think there was just an earthquake.

It’s great to see you cooking meals / sometimes I sneak in just to cop a feel.

A lot of girls dig my chili / but don’t worry you’re the only one that sees my willie!

When I watch you get undressed / it's hard to keep something suppressed

Raymundo's Poem:

When I first moved to town I hated it I kinda wanted to move back to Texas, i debated it.

bout a year later I finally felt like I belong / me, bae and Pablo could do no wrong.

bae you changed my life when you introduced me to your Nashville friends / all those legit times cruising around in someone elses benz

when I think of how I found happiness it starts and ends with you / a cozy house, a sweet text, and dinner as good as cordon blue.

now we're a married couple living in the country and going to fairs / just you and me forever at cracker barrel hanging in the rocking chairs

the point of this poem is to say I love you bae in UPPER CASE / happy valentines day, and thanks for helping me find my happy place

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