There's a TikTok hack going around that claims to be able to clean out all the stained Tupperware in your kitchen. Sounds too good to be true, right?

So we decided to put the hack to the test on The Bobby Bones Show. Eddie is currently working from home due to continued positive results on his coronavirus test, so we had him test out the hack with a piece of stained Tupperware from his kitchen.

Eddie found a piece of plastic Tupperware that had stains from spaghetti. He then followed the TikTok hack exactly as they posted it. He put in two quirts of dish soap, filled the container with warm water, and then put in some broken up pieces of a paper towel. Then he put the lid on the container and shook it for 45 seconds. After washing out the contents when the 45 seconds were up, Eddie showed that the container was totally spotless.

Since Eddie's test worked, it sounds like we all found our new cleaning hack so we don't have to toss those stained Tupperware!