Eddie admitted during the Bobby Bones Show (April 6) that he used to have a really odd habit. While talking about being nosy with a recent neighborhood situation, Eddie confessed something he never shared on the show before.

In his community recently, Eddie saw over 50 police officers surrounding a nearby hotel room. So he went over to figure out what was going on, and he ultimately figured out that a suspect wanted for murder in Memphis was barricaded in one of the hotel rooms. Eddie admitted that he's very nosy and likes to always know what's going on around them. That's when he shared that he actually used to sleep with a police scanner. He said his love for the police scanner started with his dad who also always listened to one.

Then as he got older, Eddie slept with one every night. It was during that time that he heard over the police scanner his own brother getting pulled over. Eddie confessed it was one of his odd habits, but he just really enjoys being aware of everything going on and yes, some would say it's nosy.

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