A few weeks back, Amy brought to The Bobby Bones Show that her 13-year-old daughter wanted to get a locked diary to store her passwords. Amy had some mixed emotions about the entire situation. Eddie had given his opinion on the matter and noted that there aren't any secrets in his house, so he would read a locked diary if his kids ever happen to own one.

In a wild turn of events, Eddie found out in recent days that his 7-year-old son actually already has a locked diary, in his son's terms, a journal. Eddie said it has a giant pizza on the front and believes that all it includes is him talking smack about his siblings. Though, he's not sure because at this point he hasn't opened it.

However, Eddie definitely wants to open it. But he asked the show what he should do. At this point, Bobby Bones suggested that he don't open it because there isn't any reason for Eddie to know at this moment what's happening inside of it.

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