This walk was all started by Eddie throwing some shade at the song "Carrying Your Love With Me" by George Strait. He said that the lyrics "Cause I'm carryin' your love with me // West Virginia down to Tennessee" really wasn't that much for the love of someone's life. He had to put his money where his mouth was and he agreed to walk from West Virginia to Tennessee so long as The Bobby Bones Show listeners raised $10,000 for the organization National Angels that helps foster families.

The listeners showed up, raising over $68,000 for National Angels before the walk even began. Now Eddie starting Sunday (June 20) is starting his big trek of over 70 miles. He hopes to get done by Thursday, but that's a tentative goal for now. Scuba Steve will be following behind Eddie in a car, and Eddie will take some evening rest breaks in hotels. He has prepared a lot for the walk from training several hours a day to buying all the different products and shoes people have suggested.

Watch his video above to see how the story all started, and get ready to watch parts of Eddie's walk right here on via his live stream.

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