Do you or your kiddo suffer from life-threatening allergy? Maybe it's bananas or those dang bees. Well, there's good and bad news when it comes to those life-saving EpiPens that you have in your purse or the kiddos backpack. Due to a manufacturing issue back in May, parents are feeling the strain of a country-wide EpiPen shortage.

According to KTVB, the FDA has extended the expiration date for the medication by four months. So, if yours had an initial expiration date "between April and December of 2018 can now be used longer. The expiration date changes do not apply to EpiPen Junior." KTVB also reported that the FDA has given the OK for the use of a generic version of the EpiPen. The company that makes the medication says they should work out their issues soon and will be back on track with supply by October.

If someone in your family is really needed one and you can't seem to find any, you can CLICK HERE or call 800-796-9526 to find pharmacies that are stocked up.

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