Eric Church is currently spending his time secluded in the mountains of North Carolina while working on his next album. He just gave fans a taste of what the new album will be like with his new single "Stick That In Your Country Song."

During his phone call on The Bobby Bones Show, Church talked about the recording of his new album. He told Bobby Bones that when he normally records an album, they would write songs and then months later record the songs for a couple of days. But for this new album Church is dropping, they spent 28 days writing 28 songs. And every single day they would wake up and write the songs in the morning, and then record the song that night. That way the songs kept the vibe it had while in the songwriting process. He also confessed that there was a period of 4 days where he didn't sleep at all. He joked with Bones that he "drank anything and everything" that was available to him. And one of the last songs they recorded for the album "Crazy Land," actually came to him in a dream. He dreamed up the chorus of the song, woke up and wrote it down, then he wrote the rest of the song to the chorus.

While talking about his new single "Stick That In Your Country Song," Church shared that he recorded the song back in January. This song was the first time in his career that he's written a song and it was actually more relevant when they released it months later, rather then when they wrote it. He told Bones that he understands people using art like music and television to escape from things, but sometimes it's important to be reminded what we're escaping from and that's what he believes is the purpose of this song. Church also confessed that he never looks to see what people are saying about his songs, in fact, he doesn't even know how to log in to any of his social media accounts.

While Church is still figuring out what this new project looks like in its entirety, he knows that he wants fans to be able to hear all of the 28 songs written for this album.