The older I get, the more I find myself thinking about retirement. Getting older can certainly sneak up on you. I feel like just yesterday I was in my early twenties popping out babies and building my first house. Now, I'm approaching 40 and thinking more and more about my 401k. 

I haven't been so smart about long-term savings. After my divorce and going back to a one income household, it's really hard to find extra money to put into retirement, but I'm slowly trying. Right now I'm only donating 3% and luckily my company does a match, but I have a very long way to go because I haven't been saving for very long.

According to an article on, you need $797,736 in the bank before you quit your job for good. This takes into account that the annual cost of living in Idaho is $48,215.28. I think the only way that yearly income is doable, is if you have your house paid off, which I fully intend on doing by the time I'm 55. The $797,636 number also takes social security into account, which they say drops the annual cost that you need to come up with per year down to $31,909.44.

By the time someone my age retires here in Idaho, I'm going to assume that more around the $1,000,000 mark is needed to live out our golden years comfortably.

Do you think these numbers are shocking or expected? Are you pre-paring for retirement?

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