While we slowly reopen the state, there are still many places that we love to experience that are closed. Look no further than these virtual tours. This is how you can see some of your family's favorite places or discover new ones without leaving your house or even your couch!

Here are some of the places that offer virtual tours and links to view them. I have already spent several unplanned hours watching these videos and exploring the area.  

The Remnants of Boise Tour

The Remnants of Boise Tour is a walk through the history of Boise, and it's growth. It takes you through neighborhoods and landmarks that we drive past every day, but don't know the historical significance. This is an easy one to spend a lot of time on and is my personal favorite.

James Castle House

See the house under restoration and the progress that has been made in the house that the artist found inspiration in.

Idaho National Lab

This is where the government works on nuclear technology for security and energy purposes and is located in Idaho Falls.

The Idaho State Capitol

If you've ever wondered what it was like under the dome of the state capitol building, here's your chance to check it out.  

Have fun touring Idaho!

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