I just heard a tornado predicted for Boise, Idaho this spring.  What??  Are you kidding me?


We can't get the weather right, day of, much less this spring.  And a tornado??  Come on!  I realize freak of nature anomalies happen but this one's hard for me to buy.  I was listening to some radio (not going to say who), and this was a prediction from their so called meteorologist.  He not only predicted a tornado, but an F-4 tornado.  One of the strongest and deadliest.


It's not like we've never had a tornado here in Idaho.  Very rarely in the Boise area but we have had our share of the little twisters here and there.  All of them are F-2's or below, so it's hard to believe we have an F-4 coming.  And even harder to believe anyone can predict this a good half a year in advance.


Here's a list of all the tornadoes that have hit Idaho since 1956.  Pretty weak list if you ask me.  I wouldn't worry much about this "so called" prediction.  Onward and forward.

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