She pulled teeth, offered dentures, and provided fillings in her Payette dental office, but she's not a dentist at all!


62 year old Cherie Dillon is only a dental hygienist. She never went to dental school, she doesn't have a license to perform dentistry, but she has been acting as a full blown dentist for over a decade!


Dillon founded her "practice" in 2005 under "Dental Healthcare with Heart." and then she ordered real dentists on a part-time basis for a share of the money.


Dillon particularly took advantage of a dentist named Dr. Theodore Fricke who was disabled and certified so back in 2010.


Dillon billed for services she claimed were performed by Fricke from 2010 and 2013. The services totaled over $1.5 million.


Now she's paying the price. According to the Idaho Statesman, Dillon will spend 5 years in jail and has been ordered to pay $847,016 in illegal proceeds and $549,605 in restitution.