Luke Combs song "Forever After All" inspired by his wife Nicole just went number 1. He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about the song, as well as several of his other songs he's written, and when fans can expect new music.

The "Forever After All" music video showcased Combs wedding to his wife Nicole. Combs talked about the emotional moment where he cried as he saw his bride. He admitted that he was more worried about not crying, but the second he saw her it was a crazy rush of emotions. They didn't write their own vows for the ceremony, they decided to just go with the standard vows. When talking about the reception, Combs encouraged future bride and grooms to now worry about the food at the wedding because it's really just for the guests. He remembers not getting to eat much at all at his wedding so the food really wasn't for them.

Just like "Forever After All," Combs writes many of his own songs. He's written songs that he's released for others to record, however he confessed he doesn't have a lot of takers on his songs. He thinks that maybe other artists think it's a bad song because Combs isn't cutting it. He added that sometimes he just has songs that don't fit what he's trying to do for a project. The really cool part about his songwriting is that Combs himself sings the demos for them, but they are kept secure with only Combs and the writers so they don't leak. Fans will be happy to hear that Combs only needs to go into the studio one more time this month to work on the last part of his newest project. Once that's done, he's thinking this fall will be the time he releases his new music.

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