He went to cross the street when his life was gone in an instant.

We don't know who he was yet, but certainly, someone and probably lots of people are missing this man who walked across the street in a Boise Bench neighborhood last night around 9 o'clock and lost his life.

It happened at the intersection of Vista Avenue and Targee Street near Hawthorne Elementary according to KTVB.

The woman who hit him was heading north on Vista when she hit the man crossing the intersection. No charges have been filed. She stayed on the scene and cooperated with police during the investigation.

Authorities say there is a traffic light at that intersection, but we don't know yet if the woman had a red or green light.

Our thoughts and prayers are with both parties this morning. The woman who hit this man and the people who are mourning his loss. It's so sad to see things happen like this in our community.

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