If you're looking to get a tattoo soon, might want to make sure your tattoo artist has thrown out certain types of ink. According to KTVB, the Food and Drug Administration has issued a recall on certain types of tattoo ink due to bacteria contamination.

According to the FDA, the following ink types have been recalled"

Scalpaink SCScalpaink PA, and Scalpaink AL basic black tattoo inks manufactured by Scalp Aesthetics (all lots)

- Dynamic Color - Black tattoo ink manufactured by Dynamic Color Inc  (lots 12024090 and 12026090)

- Solid Ink-Diablo (red) tattoo ink manufactured by Color Art Inc. (dba Solid Ink) (dba Antone's Ink) (lot 10.19.18)

According to KTVB, the ink has been contaminated with microorganisms that could potentially lead to "rashes, sores and can even leave permanent scarring."

Manufacturers of the ink are working with FDA officials to remove the ink from the market. If you feel like you may have been tattooed with the contaminated ink, talk to a doctor and be sure to let your tattoo artist know too. You can also report your injury HERE.

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