What happens when women in Idaho find out that it's just about the worst place to be in regards to 'workplace equality'? They do something about it. According to Wallethub, Idaho was ranked No. 49 in their 'Best & Worst States for Women’s Equality' list. One of the main metrics in their study was focused on the pay gap between men and women, and according to the Idaho Statesman, women in Idaho "make 75 percent of what male workers make," that's less than the 80 percent national average.

So, what are Idaho women doing about it? They're taking matters into their own hands and becoming entrepreneurs. In fact, according to the Idaho Statesman, an American Express study "named Idaho 18th in the nation for growth in the number of female-owned businesses ".

As good as this sounds, women in Idaho are still receiving as much support as women in other states. The Idaho Statesman says that Idaho remains as the only state in the country without a Women's Business Center, a networking organization "overseen by the Small Business Administration and “designed to assist women in starting and growing small businesses.” Not to worry, though. There are still awesome networking opportunities for ladies in Idaho. One event that you should check out is the Women Ignite Conference at the Boise Centre on October, 26-27. Women Ignite Conference is "an organization of leaders who are driven to help humans succeed professionally and personally. WI links arms with women, men, and organizations who want to collaborate to create audacious achievement, service-minded leaders, and equality for all."

So, if you're a woman wanting to start your own business, go for it, girl!!! You're an inspiration to women who are being let down by the male-dominated workforce. Let's change it together!

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