She's cooked up everything from Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza to Chipotle's Guacamole to Disney's Toy Story Grilled Cheese. When a restaurant or popular food joint drops their recipe for a popular menu item, Morgan takes it and tries to make it for her to Food World At Home IGTV series. She tests out the easiness of the recipes and how much it actually tastes like the real thing for anyone who is wanting to try the dropped recipes.

The Food World At Home series has over 13 videos, each one featuring a different popular recipe. In her recent episode, she cooked up Olive Garden's famous Fettuccine Alfredo. The recipe is really just for making the famous Italian chain's Alfredo sauce, and Morgan shows how to do just that. She ends the episode with an impressed "wow" at how much the recipe tastes just like the one from the beloved restaurant.