Look, we love our pets as much as the next person. Some of us around the office even treat our pets as if they were our human children. We get it - our fur babies are important to us but that's why it's even more crucial to keep them healthy.

The Thanksgiving Feast

If you have a pet, it could probably be tempting to include them in the holiday festivities, especially if you have children, right? Parents, you know what we're talking about: your child wants to finish the meal quickly to get away from grandma's cheek-pinching so they hand off a few bites to the family pet.

Bad idea.

We're not saying that you need to come down on your kid for potentially poisoning your fur baby, but we've said it before and we'll say it again: knowledge is power.

Thanks to the amazing folks over at the Idaho Humane Society, we have a complete guide for you on what not to feed your pets this holiday season, especially on a day when food (and yes, thanks) is at the top of the priority list.

Share this with your kiddos too, that way we can make sure Fido lives to see Christmas this year.

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Perhaps it's safer to keep the Thanksgiving feast on the table and not in little Fido's food bowl, right?

Speaking of a Thanksgiving feast, we talked about ham being one of the foods to not serve your pet on Thanksgiving. Let that sink in for a second... ham, not turkey on Thanksgiving.

Why stop there?

Here are some Thanksgiving alternatives that a lot of people in the Treasure Valley could be going with this year... at least that's what you shared with us!

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