Fred Meyer stores in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Arkansas have all been hit with a recall on their Clackamas Bakery angel food cake bars because the labels have been improperly listed which endangers anyone who may be allergic to milk or soy.  The milk and soy were not listed on the label so if you are allergic to either of these ingredients, please bring your angel food cake bars back to Fred Meyer for a full refund.

Idaho News reports that the recall took place Monday, October 15, 2018 and that as of now, no illnesses have been reported by customers.  Those who are not allergic to milk or soy are completely safe and can eat the angel food cake with no possibility of repercussions.

Fred Meyer does have a customer recall notification system in place that has sent messages out to those who have bought this product.  Through receipt, records kept phone calls have been made to make the public aware and keep the public as safe as possible.

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