OMG OMG OMG! Ben & Jerry's annual 'Free Cone Day' is almost here and I'm about to setup camp to be at the front of the line! According to the Idaho Statesman, Ben & Jerry's locations around the world will be celebrating their 40th year of hooking up ice-cream lovers with their delicious sweet treats next Tuesday, April 10!

The tradition started back in 1979, when co-founders wanted to do something to thank costumers for their support during their first year of business, and they've done it ever since! You literally walk in, tell 'em what you want and it's FREE! I'm getting pretty stoked just thinking about it. Did you know, that the average American consumes about 23 pounds of ice cream per year*?! Whoa, that's a lot. TBH, I'd probably try for 23 lbs in one sitting. According to the Statesman, they're estimating to serve more than 1.3 million free scoops. Nom nom nom.

*According to the International Dairy Foods Association

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