Don't try refreshing the page, you read that correctly! FREE FRIES AT MCDONALDS!! From now until the rest of the year, McDonald's is hooking you up with a free medium-sized fry order because everyone should experience the deliciousness (if don't think McD's fries are the best, well, you're wrong.)

Get this, every single Friday (er, Fry-day, duh), you can walk into a McDonald's location and score the golden treats. Like everything that is too good to be true, there is a catch (but hang on, it's like nothing). All you have to do to get 'em is download their app and make a purchase of just $1!!! So to recap, you walk in, order a McChicken on the app, get your free fries, and have yourself a little meal for just a buck! McDonald's, I love you.

If you're pretty excited about it already, it gets better. They're offering a whole bunch of other deals (sandwiches for $1, free coffees, you can even vote on the next deal) as part of their app promotion. Honestly, there aren't any apps on my phone that hook me up with grub once a week, so this is worth it!

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