Garth Brooks is set to release his 12th studio album Fun and three-disc live album on November 20th. Ahead of the album release, Brooks and Trisha Yearwood called into The Bobby Bones Show to talk about their cover of "Shallow," and what they've been doing while stuck at home during the pandemic.

Recently, Brooks hurt himself while he was out working on their farm. He shared that he was loading a chop saw when it collapsed on him. He told Bobby Bones when he looked down at his hand to make sure "all the limbs were still there," he saw that they were and he was relieved. His hand is going to be black and blue for awhile, but he said he got lucky. Yearwood added that this isn't the first time Brooks has gotten hurt while out on their farm, it's just the one everyone knows about. She said he's very careful, but things always happen on a farm.

The two started talking about why they decided to cover "Shallow" from A Star Is Born. It started out on Brooks' Facebook Live where they were taking fan requested songs, and one fan asked them to cover "Shallow." They said it went so well that they decided to record it for the next album. They anticipated that they wouldn't like the recording, but they ended up loving it and so did their teams. Brooks shared that his new album is different because it's like a "Garth Brooks buffet from over the years." There are 14 cuts on it, and Brooks compares it to his albums Sevens and In Pieces.