Are you $%^#@ $#%^ kidding me???  I had my computer out, all info updated to pay, I was IN THE Ticketmaster waiting room at 9 a.m. sharp and I still didn't get tickets.  Ugggghhhhh!  So what now?  Lucky for you, 104.3 WOW Country has a lot of FREE tickets and we're giving them away to YOU.

Rick and Carly have known Garth for years now.  He called in to talk to them this morning giving up some interesting information but the biggest question Garth answered is 'Will There Be More Shows Announced For Boise?'  Check out what he says in the audio below.

Based on what Garth said and our inside knowledge (sshhhh, we're not supposed to say anything)... we think there WILL BE another show announced but nothing's for sure so we're all preparing for the worst and hoping for the best right?  With that said, Rick and Carly have Garth Brooks tickets to give away every morning (Monday through Friday) at 7:10 with the Rick and Carly Thousand Dollar Minute.  Sign up to play now at 1043WOWCOUNTRY.COM or just call us at 208-338-1043 around 7 a.m.  10 Questions... 60 Seconds... $1,000 AND Garth Brooks tickets.

Rick and Carly give out lots of clues every day on the Free 104.3 WOW Country app so make sure that's downloaded on your phone.  Good Luck!

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