Now that the weather has gotten warmer and snow appears to be a thing of the past, we all want to get outside, enjoy the great outdoors and shed those winter pounds.  Whether were walking the Greenbelt or hiking Camel’s Back, the outdoors provides a great way for us to get ourselves into shape, but if you really want to step up your game, here are some easy workouts that you can do outside, without any equipment or an expensive gym membership. 

The first comes from Los Angeles-based internet trainer, Noelle Benepe whose workout you will definitely feel the next day. 

The next one comes from New Zealand-based internet trainer and Pro Bikini Athlete, Jess Coate, who will challenge you to do more than you thought you could with this workout. 

Finally, here’s one from Deanna Dorman, creator of Live Fit Girls, a blog, training and nutrition program and more.  

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