It's an unconventional love story, but man was it meant to be. Fourteen years after a Filipino girl received an Operation Christmas Child Shoe-box gift, she has married the 7-year-old (at the time) who sent it from 7000 miles away in Midvale, Idaho.

According to Good News Network, while at a vacation bible school in Quezon City, Manila, Joana received the box back in 2000. In the box, she received a photo of a little boy in a "cowboy shirt holding a lariat." That boy is now grown-up, Tyrel Wolfe. Joana sent Tyrel a letter all those years ago to the address he'd included in the box. Unfortunately, Tyrel never received it. Determined to thank "the person who gave me the box that had meant so much," she decided to look him up on Facebook.

There he was, Tyrel Wolfe...dressed in cowboy-type attire with a "rustic mountain background." That's where they began their friendship. Eventually, Tyrel knew he wanted to visit the girl who he had so much in common. After a couple of trips to Manila, Tyrel asked Joana's father for her hand in marriage, he approved. They got married on Tyler's family's 400-acre cattle ranch. The guest were ivited to bring gift-filled shoe-boxes to donate to "Operation Christmas Child", the one thing that started it all for the bride and groom.


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