It's an issue we really don't like to discuss, but sometimes to keep our kids and our community safe we have to talk about the tough stuff. STD's are skyrocketing in Idaho. Here are the alarming statistics. 

Gonorrhea is up 200% in south-central Idaho. Over to the south-east corner of the state, it looks much better. Cases are down 14% there according to KTVB.

I haven't talked to my kids about this stuff yet, but the stats are making me realize that when the time is right (they are only 10 and 12) I really need to. This is life-changing stuff that we can't just ignore. We need to be educated and take steps to protect ourselves and to stop this from spreading.

Last year there were approximately 6,600 cases of STD's in the state of Idaho. That's a climb of about 300 in the last couple years.

So far there is no known cause for this increase.

The most common STD's nationally are chlamydia and gonorrhea. Just the names are enough to give me the shivers.

...and with that, I think I'm going to take myself off Tinder! Good luck in the dating world folks!