Granger Smith's 10th studio album Country Things Vol. 1 is dropping tonight (September 24) at midnight. This album will feature 8 songs and Country Things Vol. 2 will follow up the release with 8 more songs at the end of November 2020.

While on The Bobby Bones Show, Smith shared some backstory behind a few of the songs on Volume 1. "I Kill Spiders" may sound like a joke type of song with that title, but it's actually a real song Smith wrote for his little girl. He wanted her to know that no matter what he does in the world or in his career, he will always be the guy who kills spiders for her. He believes the song will be special for the two of them for years to come. Not only was the song written for her, Smiths' daughter also made a cameo on the track. You'll hear a little girl acting scared and that's her. While Smith was in the studio, his daughter sent him a bunch of scared sounds at his request and they added them to the song.

Speaking on his children, Smith confessed that he "seriously hopes" none of his kids want to pursue a music career like their father. He hopes they get a normal job because being a musician is a tough life and full of heartbreak, and he doesn't want to watch his kids go through that.

Another song on the album "Country & Ya Know It" is a duet with Smith's alter ego Earl Dibbles Jr. Smith shared that 'Granger Smith' and 'Earl Dibbles Jr' are two totally different people, so much so that he can't even be in the same clothes otherwise he's just channeling Earl's voice rather than the entire character. Earl Dibbles Jr has been a stable in Smith's career ever since his first appearance in a music video back in 2011. The point of Earl was to help promote the music, but he ended up becoming a big part of Smith's career all on his own merit.

Smith's brother Tyler was a huge help on creating Earl Dibbles Jr's persona and as fans know, Tyler will be a contestant on the newest season of The Bachelorette. While Tyler can't speak about anything that happened on social media or he'll get a $25K fine, Smith said he is back in town with them. He shared that Tyler had to quarantine by himself for a week in Texas and then a week again in California before starting any filming.