The Boise State University's women's basketball team just scored someone famous.  Well, kind of famous.  According to the Idaho Statesman Molly McGuire, the niece of the famous or infamous (depending on how you look at him) baseball player is transferring from the Oregon Ducks to BSU. Oregon made it to the Elite 8 last season and McGuire is excited to help take the BSU Broncos to the next level.

Mallory is a 6' 5" sophomore who started in 19 games last season for the Ducks and plans are that she'll not only start but be a major impact player for BSU this next season.

Mallory's dad also scored a little fame in the sport's world.  Dan McGuire played football for San Diego State and eventually the Seattle Seahawks.

Mallory will be hard to miss on the BSU campus with that 6' 5" height and her famous family is known for dropping into games as much as they possibly can.  So when you see Mark or his brother Dan hanging out now at BSU, you'll know why.

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