Everything has been canceled or changed due to covid-19, while I am sad that the event and activities have been canceled I am am a little relieved it is not for the reason everything else has been canceled this year.

The event was scheduled outside for this Saturday October 24th. It was going to be full of family spooky fun with vendors, games and they even had a movie planned in Lloyd Square at dusk. As mentioned before it wasn't COVID that canceled this event. No it was some crazy weather heading our way. High winds and even snow are heading our way this weekend. The City saw no other choice but to cancel it. Winds are expected to reach gusts of 15 mph and the movie screen is not to be used in wind over 10 mph.

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Not to mention the snow, people are not going to want to be out for hours hanging out with their kiddos when its is wet and cold. Temps are going to be in the 40s with likelihood of non sticking snow. Treasure Valleys weather will stay seasonally normal with low to mid 60s as the high through Thursday. Then on Friday a cold front takes over and we drop at least 10 to 15 degrees. The wind will probably wipe a lot of these beautifully colored leaves out of the trees and come Sunday we will have yellow, red, and orange sidewalks, roads and lawns. Haunted houses are still operating, but those are more for the older kids, and adults. What are you doing with your little ones to try and make Halloween seem special this year?



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